Can't Buy Me ❤

Can't Buy Me ❤ (Love) is Culture Hope's campaign for world-wide Human Trafficking Awareness

Why talk about Human Trafficking?
Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and it is a world-wide issue that is that affects all of us everyday. It is estimated that there are 25 million slaves in the world today. 

1. Can’t Buy ME...
Most of us know that we don’t want to be bought or sold - either as a slave or our ideals. No one wants to be exploited. But we need to recognize that slavery exists in our own cities. Las Vegas is one of the top 5 cities for human trafficking in our nation. Even our youth are not safe. In 2015, 140 children were rescued from sex trafficking in our state - boys and girls. Most of them (7 out of 10) were recruited from right here in Nevada. Protect yourself and your children. Teach them how to live “Can’t Buy Me...”

2. Can’t Buy Me ❤ 

About 30% of all victims are trafficked in their own countries and up to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. One-third of all trafficked peoples are children. Sexual exploitation is the most prevelent form of trafficking – 53% of trafficked people are forced to be prostitutes, porn performers, brides, etc. Women and girls make up 97% of this group. Most purchases of porn or prostitution supports sex slavery in some way. Every prostitute will tell you that she has been trafficked (forced/coerced) to work in their career. Decide that you will not be one who buys “love” or supports any industry tied to trafficking. Real Love can never be bought. 

3. Can’t BUY Me...
Many industries around the world use slave labor to produce thier goods.  The most notorious is agriculture. Slave labor is a high price to pay to keep food “affordable” foods like: chocolate from the Ivory Coast, coffee, palm oil and cotton. Other slave produced products include clothing, “knockoff” handbags, pornography, rubies and gems from Burma, diamonds from Zimbabwe. You can make conscientious choices to avoid slave made products by choosing items labeled certified “Fair Trade” which ensures fair wages and good work environments. 

Trafficking Stats

• The average age of a child prostitute in Nevada is 14 years old. 

• 12 years old: The expected lifespan of a sex trafficked child in Southeast Asia.

• A labor trafficker often promises immigration for a high price. Then the victims’ freedom is controlled until they pay back the debt. 

• Every electronic phone, computer and game has one or more components produced by slave labor.

• Cadbury was the first major chocolate brand to use all Fair Trade cocoa.

• Only 2 of Starbucks coffees are Fair Trade.

Trafficking Stats: 
49% Women • 18% Men • 21% Girls • 12% Boys

How are they Exploitated?
• 53% Sex Exploitation • 40% Forced Labor 
• 7% Other