Allergy • Pollen • Dust • Medical
Reusable • Washable 

Our Face Masks are crafted with the critical details of a quality medical face mask: good fit, good filter PLUS they are washable. A face mask must protect the wearer from the environment or keep the wearer from affecting the ones they love.

Features Of Our Masks
  FILTERS the air from harmful elements like pollen, dust, and more
  • 1 to 3 FILTER LAYERS  low to high filtration

  • FITS snug to the cheeks and chin - NO GAPS*
  NOSE WIRE hugs the nose with custom fit - NO GAPS*
  RE-USABLE made with washable materials 
*Gaps in a mask’s fit allow unfiltered, unsafe air to flow around the mask’s protective filters.

Optional Features 
  • FILTER POCKET fitted for using with rectangle PM2.5/N95 filters
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL internal fabric soft, natural, safe no chemicals
  • NON-WOVEN fabric filter

This mask is our favorite! It’s versatile, washable, reusable, anti-microbial and all around good-to-have mask. The cover is your choice of fun colorful cotton or sanitize-able white. The Mask is great for long wear, like on allergy days, because the soft inner lining is anti-microbial blocking odors from the inside. Equipped with a built-in filter plus a pocket where optional filters can be added. This mask is easy to use and stores flat.  

Washable* and Reusable, Anti-microbial and all around good-to-have mask

3 Layers Of Protection
  1. Outer cotton fabric filters larger particles
  2. Fine interior filter of non-woven, breathable polyester
  3. Inner lining is anti-microbial made from natural bamboo


Work Mask 2+ are designed with Health Care Workers in mind. This mask is made from two layers of industrial quality fabric tightly woven with a high-thread count for increased filtration. The lightweight fabrics are breathable and can be sanitized. Upgrade the Work Mask 2+ quickly by inserting a disposable filter. We recommend a rectangle PM 2.5/N95 filter when higher filtration and safety from infection is needed. 
Washable*, Sanitizable** and Reusable.
Available in quantity packs for medical or similar environments.


The Masqette 1+ is a simple but effective mask made to fit the wearer well. With one layer of sanitize-able white fabric or optional fun fabric, this mask is a simple filter or cough cover that can also be utilized as a washable cover for N95 or surgical masks extending their use. The Masqette can be easily upgraded by inserting any rectangular filter if higher filtration is needed.
Washable*, Sanitizable** and Reusable. 


Our masks are lovingly hand-crafted in Las Vegas by the artisans at LIGHTHOUSE CHARITIES.
These survivors come from nationsaround the globe and now call Las Vegas their new home. Lighthouse
trains, equips and gives hope to individuals lifting them out of poverty and into new lives with dignity.

These artisans are donating these masks to healthcare workers and those in need.

You can help Lighthouse Charities make more masks
by donating money or materials.  
Thank You!
Donate to Lighthouse Here