PROCOOL® Mask 3+ - Moisture Wicking  + Antimicrobial
PROCOOL® Mask 3+ - Moisture Wicking  + Antimicrobial
PROCOOL® Mask 3+ - Moisture Wicking  + Antimicrobial
PROCOOL® Mask 3+ - Moisture Wicking  + Antimicrobial
PROCOOL® Mask 3+ - Moisture Wicking  + Antimicrobial
PROCOOL® Mask 3+ - Moisture Wicking  + Antimicrobial
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PROCOOL® Mask 3+ - Moisture Wicking + Antimicrobial

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The PROCOOL Mask 3+ 

It's the next step in Mask Tech. A REVERSIBLE face mask made with the best fabrics for workout or intense work conditions. Made with PROCOOL Performance Interlock fabric imbedded with SILVADUR™ 930 and COOLMAX® technology inside and out. (DRIQUICK® options available too). These fabrics wicks moisture from your skin keeping your comfortable PLUS is infused with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals - no chemicals - safe for sensitive skin.

This Mask is great for long wear: Breathable, versatile, adjustable, washable, reversible, reusable, anti-microbial. Perfect for work, workouts, hot days outdoors, pollen mask. Uniquely engineered from premium hydrophobic fibers that pull moisture from skin that can cause discomfort, skin irritation or acne. 

3 Layers Of Protection
  • PROCOOL (with COOLMAX + SILVADUR) inside and out
  • Fine interior layer of non-woven, breathable polyester

The PROCOOL Mask 3+ Features:
  • COOLMAX moisture wicking performance interlock fabric
  • SILVADUR  antimicrobial ions - natural, no chemicals
  • PROTECTS from harmful particles like pollen, dust, and more
  • ADJUSTABLE cord for a comfortable, custom fit
  • FITS snug to the cheeks and chin - NO GAPS*
  • NOSE WIRE hugs the nose with custom fit - NO GAPS*
  • REUSABLE made with washable materials 
  • NON-WOVEN fabric inner filtering material
  • FILTER POCKET fitted for using PM 2.5/N95 Filters

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - More comfort for you!
Regular Fits approx. 80lbs - 200lbs
Large Fits 150-280lbs

Quantity orders - Request a quote

HOW DO I USE my MASK?  Unfold the mask and turn so the nose wire is on top and the colorful fabric is facing outward    Pull the cords outward away from each other the fabric will gather - push the gathers towards the knots    Place the cord over your ears  and pull the small to to tighten    Position the top edge in a comfortable place on the bridge of your nose    Press the nose wire down on both sides - Start at the top of the nose pressing down and out toward the cheeks    Adjust the gathers and chin fabric to fit snugly with no openings or gaps  • Breathe - the center of the mask should move in and out with your breath, this is a sign of a good fit 

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY MASK?  Always wash mask after using around infections, high pollen, excessive dust    Remove any additional filters before washing    Wash your mask in a garment bag on a gentle cycle    Do not use bleach with color printed fabrics 
HOW DO I Add an extra filter?  Locate the pocket opening at the bottom of the mask    Insert the filter between layers    Center it to cover the area over the mouth and nose  • Position rectangular filters horizontally (landscape)    To increase your protection use a PM2.5/N95 filter in your mask    Using a mask properly and preventing illness is soley the responsibility of the user 

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