Culture Hope sources handcrafted goods form around the world. All our items support the work of survivors of homeless, trafficking and poverty. Most artisanal items are made by the survivors themselves. Culture Hope is a marketplace for their work and helps bring these unique items to people like you. Enjoy your trip around the world and know that you are "Sowing Seeds of Hope" with every purchase you make.

The artisans at Agape International Missions (AIM) are girls and young women who were once trapped in the dark world of human trafficking. Most were rescued from brothels in Svay Pak, Cambodia or in the region. The team at AIM work diligently with the national authorities to set these underage girls free, provide them with a safe shelter, food, education, dignity and a new life. Later, they can choose to work with AIM creating jewelry or garments with AIMs partner 3 Strands. This job training gives them the security of a good paying job and protects them from the risk of being pulled back into the darkness of the sex trade. To learn more about AIM and their work, visit

The unique handbags from Springsations are each made by a single mom who is working to support her child. She dreams of providing a better future for herself and her child and many have come from homelessness into the home at A Love Forever in the Beijing, China region. In China, the decision for a single woman to keep her child is a difficult one. Cultural pressures will mean that she will face rejection by society, her family and the father. She will not be able to place her child into childcare and therefore have great difficulty finding work. Springsations provides housing, food, childcare and vocational training for these brave women. All purchases contribute to their salaries, housing and care for the children.

Springsations founder, Stacey has helped people in China for nearly 15 years. She stays connected with friends and family in Las Vegas, California and the Mid-Western US who have supported her mission to care for the lost and hurting in China. 

Y.M. is a sole proprietorship in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico run by a sweet and tenacious young woman, Yaz. While she was still a teenager, Yaz became a single mom, homeless and struggled to support herself and her baby. Two retired entrepreneurs from Las Vegas met her, saw her struggle and helped her establish and small business so she could work from home. Her business has grown along with her skills, business savvy and her little boy. Now, she helps other women by training them as artisans and teaches English.

Romania is a nation rich in cultural diversity, but some people groups live in deep poverty. By developing business relations with work groups of women, 3 Strands helps stabilize the income for their household in these impoverished areas. Utilizing the natural resources and traditional skills in leather crafting, these women create beautiful handcrafted bags that are fashionable and timeless.

Items made by artisans in the USA are made to support the work of Culture Hope and the fellow artisans around the world. WonderFully Made is a small studio producing graphics, art and jewelry from Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Culture Hope hosts boutiques at markets and event throughout the year in Las Vegas, Nevada and the region. See our Events list on the home page for dates and locations. Contact us if you would like to host a Culture Hope Boutique.

Culture Hope Boutique  

More to come...
Watch for more artisans and nations to be added as Culture Hope grow. We are "sowing seeds of hope" in many nations and will be adding more from Zambia, Nepal, Thailand and more soon.

Thank you for your support and love toward all our artisans!