How Culture Hope's seed took root...

Most ideas worth pursing start a a small seed of an idea, a purpose with merit that fills a need is not fulfilled. Culture Hope is just that sort of idea. 

There are many noble and worthy groups reaching out and address the needs of the poor, and sadly, the labor and sex trafficked women and children in our world. The most successful of these organizations go beyond giving a meal or a temporary shelter, they are able to embrace the broken individual, restore the broken, then equip them for a future with hope. Some of these organizations are large with a strong support base. But, many are small structures with a few staff and lasting results.

They see the need of the poor in the world, the ones society overlooks too often, the child being labor trafficked, the woman sold as a bride into another nation, the uneducated youth who needs someone to entrust him with a skill. There are a select few of these groups who rescue, restore, and endue individuals with job skills. They produce beautiful, hand-crafted items that honor their cultural roots and return dignity to the individual artisan. 

These are the groups we support. These are the individuals we at Culture Hope celebrate. These are the beautifully and ethically handmade items that we are delighted to share with you. 

We search the world for individuals, work groups and non-profit organizations who are focused on making a lasting difference. They are transforming the individual. They are changing their culture. 

Culture Hope was founded with this purpose in mind: Create a market place that features the artisanal works of individuals and groups who have overcome poverty, human trafficking, and homelessness. Help them have sustainable jobs which can help transform their worth, dignity and their future to one of hope.